Boiler Management Services was formed to provide specialist on site services to Boiler Plants to keep them operating safely and efficiently, thereby eliminating the high cost of maintenance, inefficiencies, air pollution or even Boiler failure.


A Boiler Plant is undoubtedly the heart of the factory, without it there is no production.

If neglected or not operated safely and efficiently it can become a very costly operation.

A Boiler can become a lethal bomb which can cause severe damage, injuries or even death and high cost of production loss, repairs and Boiler replacement.

It is therefore of paramount importance that the Boiler personnel be well trained in the safe and efficient operation of a Boiler Plant.

The chain grate melted due to not removing the build-up of ash.

The table above shows the estimated dry flue gas loss and increased fuel costs at various CO² levels. As can be seen, a small change in CO² level can result in significant increase in fuel cost.


22 Years Director of Boiler Management Services which offers a range of value added services to the Industrial Boiler market which includes Boiler operator and maintenance training. Purchasing and selling of used and new Boilers.


Boiler Management Services provides specialist services to Boiler Plants to keep them operating safely and efficiently, thereby eliminating the high cost of maintenance, inefficiencies, air pollution or even Boiler failure.


Assist in the installation of the ultimate coal fired Boiler control panel. Installation of well-designed grit arrestors. Procedures to reduce back end fouling and blockage to second pass tubes. Procedure to determine Boiler efficiency. Turnkey installations of new and second hand Boilers.


Boiler safety, efficiency, maintenance and repairs will be influenced by the way the Boilers are operated and maintained. Therefore it is important to know who is responsible for the damage to the auxiliary equipment and replacement of various parts.

Background and Experience

  • 42 Years boiler experience.
  • 5 Years shift supervisor – boilers and power house (sugar mill) as well as boiler maintenance – 3 months per year during the off-season and weekly 15 hour stops.
  • 4 Years at the South African Sugar Association Industrial Training Centre.  Training of the boiler attendance for Boiler Attendant Certificate of Competency.
  • 2 Years at John Thompson Africa – Training of boiler attendants and maintenance personnel.
  • 4 Years Director of B.I.T.S (Boiler In-house Training Services) and in this period developed the first Competence based video training programme for boiler attendants in South Africa, which was approved by the Institute of Certificated Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, the Department of Manpower, Airpolution Control – Cape Town, City Council and the National Association for Clean Air.
  • 22 Years Director of Boiler Management Services which offers a range of value-added services to the industrial boiler market which includes on site boiler operator training and maintenance.
  • Consulting to various coal distributing companies regarding coal combustion related problems.


  1. Certificate in Industrial Training: Technicon, Natal
  2. Boiler Attendant Certificate of Competency: Department of Mines
  3. Certificate in Combustion Principals and Practice: Technical College of South Africa
  4. Training Methods – Instructors Training Workshops Parts 1 and 11: National Industrial Council for the Iron and Steel Engineering and Metallurgical Industry
  5. Management and Development Programme, University of Stellenbosch Business School
  6. 10 year boiler maintenance , carrying out 3 yearly statuary inspection and general maintenance.

Course Objectives

To provide boiler personnel responsible for the boiler plant, the boiler operator and the assistant the necessary knowledge and skills to demonstrate with immediate effect their ability to operate the boiler plant safely and efficiently.

After receiving training here must be on going progress follow up by the responsible persons. Once BMS has received confirmation from the responsible persons that the trainees have demonstrated to carry out good housekeeping, the safe and efficient operation of the boiler plant will the certificates be issued.

  • Training Boiler operators and maintenance personal onsite at their own Boiler plant.
  • Assessment of Boiler operating standards and refresher courses on site.
  • Carry out Boiler plant audits, Boiler efficiency tests and optimization of Boiler efficiencies.
  • Assistance in coal combustion related problems, sampling, analysis, interpretation and the importance of checking the calorific value of coal.
  • Assistance in minimizing Boiler fouling to increase availability and reduce grit emissions and pollution.
  • Supply and assist monitoring the outlet gas temperature and CO₂% and the importance thereof.
  • Supplier of the comprehensive Boiler log book, which is a legal requirement.
  • Boiler models and boiler selection from and at 100 °c.
  • Steam header design.
  • Boiler water treatment and storing standby boilers.
  • Coal selection and coal related problem
  • Reducing grit emission,prevention of a grit erosion and legal requirement.
  • Maintaining boiler records and advantage thereof.
  • Boiler steam to coal ratio and boiler efficiency
  • Yearly and three yearly boiler inspection.
  • The boiler attendant-operator duties, selection and training
  • Energy management SANS ISO 50001:2011 and verification of saving SANS ISO 50010 :2011

Services offered and the ultimate comprehensive boiler and inspection log book.

  • Onsite Boiler operator training.
  • Onsite Boiler maintenance training.
  • Boiler plant survey and efficiency optimisation.
  • Purchasing and selling recondition boiler.
  • Assist with boiler plant maintenance, fireside cleaning and  statuary inspections.
  • Assist with equipment selection and sourcing of equipment.
  • Energy surveys and fuel-type cost comparison studies.
  • Airpolution related problems and control-cyclone replacements.
  • Buying and selling of boiler supply of CO2/O2 monitoring equipment.

“Measuring is knowing”


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